Anonymous: i got tickets to all three wembley shows bc im going with various people on different days, so i dont think youre selfish haha :) those people could've/can quite easily get tickets to see them but are just moody bc they havent... so hopefully ill see you there maybe and omg its going to be amazing!

it’s going to be so good i can’t wait :-)

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Anonymous: You going to both? Wow i didn't get tickets bc they were all sold out. Kinda selfish of you dont you think

1. there’s still tickets left
2. i didn’t buy both of them i’m going with a friend

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Anonymous: which london show are you going to?

12th & 14th

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@Calum5SOS: Been on tour for a while, wonder how the kids are doing back home

@5SOS: Ashton jumping for joy
@5SOS: Ashton in his leisure robe


I literally cant wait for next year

i’m so excited!!!

Anonymous: Why do people identify ash as the frog emoji

the frog emoji is ashton in his true form

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