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5sos: THE HUG PLAY #football101
Anonymous: other fave bands

fall out boy, p!atd, all time low, mcfly, bastille, the 1975, the wombats, paramore, blink 182, green day and like shit loads more

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Anonymous: whats the best thing about england?

i’m here

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Anonymous: Hi on Friday I'm going to Houston to go see the One Direction tour but I'm kinda going more do 5sos but I was wondering if you have any advice for meeting them

a lot of people have been meeting them at their hotel but if you want to do that you’d probably have to leave after their set and idk if they’ll have a hotel there and also like if they’re doing any radio things you can go to the radio station and maybe see them there

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Anonymous: hi cutie! ilysm have an amazing day!

aw thank u ily! :-)

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